Episode 1 - On the Trail with Gayle

Gayle begins the series with the love of her life, her dog-ter, Chelsea. The two go for a walk in the city and visit Gayle’s hairdresser, Roberto. Not only does Gayle get her hair done, but so does Chelsea. Roberto names Chelsea one of his “best customers ever!”

Episode 2 - Waking Up with Gayle

The second podcast of the series follows Gayle and Chelsea as they wake up and prepare for the day. It takes some effort on Gayle’s part to convince Chelsea to eat breakfast. Then we are introduced for the first time to Gayle’s mother, Mildred. Gayle and Mildred speak on the phone, with single Mildred stating very strongly that not a single man that she has seen recently interests her.

Episode 3 - Mother Daughter Day

Gayle and Mildred, the mother daughter team of the series, hit the streets of New York speaking to other mother and daughter combos about their relationship.

Episode 4 - Down by the River

Gayle explores the interesting people that hang out along the Hudson River park.
She also meets a few that don’t wish to be in the podcast; maybe they are celebrities? Who knows!

Episode 5 - Aaron Braunstein,
Part I

Gayle introduces us to Aaron Braunstein, a shock jock and a boxing promoter as they prepare to do a radio show.

Episode 6 - Aaron Braunstein, Part II

Gayle joins shock jock Aaron Braunstein on his radio show. The two brainstorm a new show.

Episode 7 - Cooking With Mom

Mom prepares lunch for the staff while Gayle is out. She returns to and is shocked at what she finds prepared.

Episode 8 - Single Mother and Single Daughter

Gayle and mom go out looking for a double date, both online and on the town.

Episode 9 - Road Trip Pt. 1

Gayle and Chelsea head out on a one month road trip. First stop Hudson City B&B including a video Skype call to mom.

Episode 10 - Road Trip Pt. 2

This podcast joins Gayle on the second leg of her roadtrip in New Hampshire where goes horseback riding at Littlemore Farm.


Episode 11 - Still Texting

This podcast joins Gayle as she explores the motives and consequences people experience when they incorporate texting into their daily routines.


Episode 12 - Road Trip Pt. 3

This podcast joins Gayle on the third leg of her roadtrip to Grand Manan Island in Canada where she and her road trip buddy Jeff aren't getting along so well.


Episode 13 - Road Trip Pt. 4- Whale Watching

This podcast joins Gayle and her road buddy, Jeff, as they go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Grand Manan Island.


Episode 14 - Road Trip Pt. 5- Behind the Scenes with Jeff

This podcast joins Gayle on the final leg of her road trip as she and Jeff have it out.


Episode 15 - Gayle's Wild Flight

This podcast joins Gayle and her pilot friend, Ray Bengen and his royal dog, his Lordship Sammy, for a flight around New York City.