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Here are some early raves for the work-in-progress:

"Very funny!" Josh Sapan, CEO, Rainbow Media Holdings (developed AMC, Bravo, IFC, WE, Fuse TV)

"Your teaser is charming." Sundance Channel

"I love it. It's great!" Albert Maysles, legendary filmmaker (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens)

"Quite funny" Bravo TV

"Playful and poignant" Channel 4, UK

Why get involved?

Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy films? Do you want to be associated with a movie that just in its development stage has attracted a lot of attention from broadcasters? Do you want to see your name up on the big screen? Do you want to go to a movie premiere? Do you want to be involved with a film that speaks to many people and will be seen all over?

Gayle Kirschenbaum's last film, A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary, received so much press from a front cover feature in the New York Times to multiple appearances on televison shows including NBC's Today Show. And the press keeps coming. It premiered on HBO in 2005 and was released widely on DVD with rave reviews. The film was completed over two years ago and has played and continues to play in festivals, theaters and cultural venues all over the world. The popular website, the film and the its Shih Tzu star have a fan club leading to the launch of the Dogamentary Newsletter.

With Gayle's track record, including winning an Emmy for her first film and many other awards during her career, you can be sure her new film, My Nose, will enjoy a long life with much acclaim. Okay, so here's the details.

Where are we?

They're waiting. Broadcasters including HBO and distributors are eagerly waiting for the finished product and a couple have offered to put in finishing funds (that covers some of the editing costs). But we need more dough to get to that point. That's where you come in. This is a great opportunity for you to support a "talented Emmy award-winning filmmaker". If you know Gayle Kirschenbaum and how she works, then you know this film will be seen all over. From early reactions we can tell you that this film will be well received and one which many will relate to.

How do I get involved?

Donate Now

All donations $200 and above are tax-deductible and in addition you get your name chiseled in the credits (if you like) and depending on your contribution you can even get an impressive credit like "Associate Producer" or even "Producer".

If you are wondering what's needed and how much to contribute here are some guidelines.  We have shot 25% of the film.
Angel - $25,000
Champion - $10,000
Golden - $5,000
Patron - $2,500
Sponsor - $1,000
Donor - $500
Friend of My Nose – Under $500

DCTV (Downtown Community Television) is a non-profit film organization which services the independent film community. They are our 501 3 c fiscal sponsor.  Checks $200 and more are made out to DCTV (Downtown Community Television) with "My Nose" written on the bottom and mailed to Kirschenbaum Productions, 302A West 12th St. #157, NY, NY 10014. All contributions under $200 are made out to Kirschenbaum Productions and are not tax-deductible.

To make a donation which is not tax-deductible with a credit card through an online secure server, PayPal, please click below. Donations paid this way are not tax-deductible because they go to Kirschenbaum Productions, LLC which is not a non-profit. If you are donating $200 and over to get a tax-deduction, please write a check to DCTV and follow the directions as described above.


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How else can I get involved?

Fundraising house parties

There is another opportunity: If you can really get behind this project and want to work with Gayle Kirschenbaum, we're looking for people who can orchestrate fundraising house parties. That means you get a bunch of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances together and host an evening where she shows this trailer and fills the crowd in on the film, its current state and where it's heading. It's a fun night where we all get to laugh, mingle and My Nose keeps getting funded on its way to the finish line.

If you have any questions, please e-mail We thank you in advance for your kind support.