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MY NOSE (Winner of Best Film)

About the project:

Looking one's best is one of life’s inescapable priorities.

But what do you do when YOU think you look good and YOUR MOTHER is convinced what you need more than anything else is a nose job?

My Nose is a personal documentary that will explores my mother's preoccupation with my nose . . . the intricacies of the mother/daughter relationship . . . and what drives people into the plastic surgeon's office.  

Will I live happily ever after with the nose I was born with? Will I end up having a nose job? And how will my decision affect my relationship with my mother and myself?

My Nose reveals the complexities of a single woman living in a beauty-obsessed world with her original yet imperfect nose. It's a tale that anyone who has ever obsessed over their own "imperfection" will easily relate to.

Meet Albert Maysles, legendary filmmaker (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens)

How would you like to be in this movie?

1. Do you have an unusual story about your nose?

2. Is your nose prominent and you've chosen to keep it as is?

3. Did you grow up in the Five Towns of Long Island and have a nose job by Dr. Diamond?

4. Are you an expert on noses, as a plastic surgeon, historian, or social anthropologist?

5. Are you best friends with Barbra Streisand, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Grey or any other personality who has a story about their nose?

If you respond yes to any of these questions, please e-mail us at



Who's the team who made this movie?

Producer/Director/Writer: Gayle Kirschenbaum

Editor: Charlotte Rademaker

Director of Photography:Su Kim, Renata Huang, Gayle Kirschenbaum

Animator: Michael Scharf

Assistant in many areas: editing, writing, Web site: Adam Bertocci

My Nose, the short (13 minutes) is complete and has played in festivals worldwide to rave reviews from the Washington Post "Dazzling Self-Confidence" to Jewish Week "Hilarious Romp". See screening schedule. My Nose: The Bigger Version, the feature length documentary, is in post production. The trailer has received great reactions from broadcasters, the press and the public. - - "Quite funny!" Bravo

We are raising funds through the private sector. If you want to get involved with this film, please click here to learn more.

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